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(It’s important that you understand it)

If you work with a real estate broker in the state of NC, he or she should present you with this brochure (in one of several forms) very early in your dealings.  You will likely be informed that this brochure is considered so important by the NC Real Estate Commission that they require EVERY broker to provide this form to EVERY client “at their first substantial contact.”  The NCREC wants EVERY client to be aware of the various levels of representation that are available to them, whether they are buying or selling property.  Specifically, the Commission wants everyone to know that all brokers who are working “with” you may not necessarily be working “for” you.

You may see this information in one of several forms.  It might be the snazzy, quad-fold brochure (pictured to the left) or it might simply be several printed pages.  Either of these formats are acceptable.  The important thing is that you get the information and understand it.  The broker that provides it will also likely ask you to sign the removable “flap” on the back of the brochure (pictured on the left) or the last page of the printed form as an acknowledgment that he or she has met the obligation of presenting and explaining the brochure. Your signature on this brochure does not obligate you to anything.  It simply gives the broker the needed acknowledgment in case their files are audited.  Feel free to ask questions until you understand the general concept of “agency.”

 Click the link below to download a printed copy of the brochure.

Working with Real Estate Agents

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