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These posts offer important information about various aspects of life in Washington, NC.


OFFERED: Lot# 24A BAY LAKE SUBDIVISION View Listing Sheet And Slideshow of Photos Here There are many factors that establish just how suitable a waterfront lot is for any given individual’s or family’s needs. Many have learned the hard lesson of trying to dock their pleasure boat at an open-water, unprotected dock. It is a […]

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Cypress Landing: More Than Just A Golf and Boating Community

Cypress Landing: So Much More! You know, it doesn’t seem that many years ago that the buzz started about the development of a significant subdivision on the south side of the river near Washington, NC. Technically, this project was located on Chocowinity Bay beyond where the Pamlico River forked at what used to be Whichard’s Beach. […]

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The National Flood Insurance Program in North Carolina

THE NATIONAL FLOOD INSURANCE PROGRAM (NFIP) IN NORTH CAROLINA THE ORIGINS OF NFIP The National Flood Insurance Program in North Carolina, as well as essentially all other states, is changing dramatically and everyone affected by these changes should be taking note. The US Congress provided the groundwork for the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) with […]

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Property Taxes in Beaufort County and Washington, NC

PROPERTY TAXES IN BEAUFORT COUNTY AND WASHINGTON, NC ALL PROPERTY TAX SYSTEMS ARE NOT THE SAME! As a REALTOR® in Washington, NC, I am often asked to explain the nuances of property taxes in Beaufort County and Washington, NC. As clients from other areas of the country explain their current property tax procedures, it is […]

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Come and Get Your Black Strawberries

Yes, it’s that time of year again when Black strawberries are back in season.  I stopped by yesterday and spoke with the Strawberry Queen, who said they started harvesting and selling this season’s crop last Saturday.  The harvest season can be very unpredictable with strawberries, with rain or lack thereof being a big factor.  My […]

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